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Darren Mudge

Darren is a successful British composer passionate about all things music. He has written music for several TV advertising campaigns including DOMINOS PIZZA, SAINSBURY’S and STARBUCKS and also writes for several production music houses including EMI. His music is regularly used in TV productions both in the UK and worldwide. Although Darren is skilled at writing in a wide range of musical styles he particularly loves creating soundscapes, cinematic music, sound design and especially loves writing to picture. Darren is a multi Instrumentalist and has been playing in bands since the age of 15 and composing and writing songs from an even earlier age. With a degree in music and a qualified music teacher he is also passionate about musical education. Darren has worked in the music industry for many years from working at Universal Music, Teaching music to children and now to running his own recording studio. He still plays live whenever possible and plays bass in an indie rock band.

Helge Borgarts

Helge Borgarts is a freelancing German composer and producer. Working in the games industry for more than 15 years, he was involved in more than 40 projects as a composer and/or producer. He wrote for different independent projects and his orchestral score for “Jade Rousseau - The Final Revelations”, was highly acclaimed. He produced and contributed music to the game “Tiger & Chicken”, which was awarded Best Mobile Core Game at the German Developer Awards. With Thomas Stanger he founded the brand “Bows To Hymns” and scored trailers for developers and publishers like Crytek, Stratotainment or Higgs Games, wrote library demos for companies like Spitfire Audio, Steinberg or Orchestral Tools and provided music for SPM or Warner/Chappell. He also scored movies and documentaries, his latest works include the scores for the games “Bring Them Home” and “Transroad” from Deck13. He is the program manager for games music at the renowned festival and conference for music in film and media Soundtrack_Cologne and a regular speaker and lecturer at events and universities.


Thymo Boog

Meet Thymo Boog (TAB MediaMusic), junior composer and sound designer for games and new realities. From an early age, he would mess around in his father’s attic studio and start writing his own music on piano and, soon after, on the computer. Combining his passion for creating music and games, he attended the Utrecht School of the Arts where he graduated recently. An applied composer through and through. Thymo likes to think how his music can be unique to your game. Music that is stylized and personalized to highlight key elements to make your game stand out. His music is sure to never sound generic! No genre or style is uncharted territory for him if the game asks for a certain type of sound. He makes use of a multitude of different instruments, sample libraries and synthesizers to achieve this.


Arnold Nesis

Arnold is an Israeli composer, mostly known for his work in video games, movies and Visual Media. Arnold has studied film scoring at the 'Rimon School of Jazz & Contemporary Music'. While based in Israel, Arnold has worked with companies in the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden and elsewhere. He is also the founder of 'Capricia', a progressive project that released its album, "Fooled by the Hush," in 2011 with Melodic Revolution Records.

Currently Arnold is the CEO of "Capricia Productions", working on "The Birdcage" - the first music album solely produced as an interactive story-driven video game, featuring some of the biggest Rock and Metal names in the world.



Miguel Cintra aka Blipperactive is an independent musician, composer, sound designer, and performer who has been mostly creating music and sound design for video games and other interactive media.

He composed and produced the original soundtracks and sound design for many video games on multiple platforms, highlighting Super Bit Dash (iOS/Android) and Greedy Guns (Pc/Mac/Linux) from Tio Atum (of which he’s also co-founder) and Strikers Edge (Steam/PS4), awarded by Sony PlayStation, from Fun Punch.

As a performer, he brings these and other soundscapes to the stage, with interactive and generative video projection from some artists/programmers.


Jonathan v/d Wijngaarden

Jonathan van den Wijngaarden is a Dutch award winning composer credited on over 50 productions across multiple platforms. As an independent composer he has defined his style by blending (experimental) electronic textures and sounds with acoustic and orchestral elements. He has written music for clients such as WARGAMING.NET, UBISOFT, ELECTRONIC ARTS and DISNEY.

Jonathan was hooked on videogames ever since his father brought home their first personal computer to the household. As he dove deeper into music creation, a long time wish to combine both his love for modern storytelling and music grew stronger.

At the age of 19 Jonathan landed his first job as a composer for the newly formed Coded Illusions. In this period Jonathan’s music for his first videogame project HAVEN was performed live by the acclaimed Metropole Orchestra. After having worked at Coded Illusions, Jonathan worked with Playlogic on titles such as EYEPET MOVE EDITION and FAIRYTALE FIGHTS, which resulted in earning him a DUTCH GAME AWARD in 2010. Jonathan has also been awarded a GERMAN DEVELOPER AWARD and an INDIE PRIZE AWARD for his work as Audio Director on GIANA SISTERS: TWISTED DREAMS.

As an independent composer Jonathan has written music for franchises such as STAR CITIZEN, WORLD OF WARPLANES, TOM CLANCY’S ENDWAR ONLINE, THE SETTLERS ONLINE and ARIZONA SUNSHINE.


Maarten Tamminga

Maarten Tamminga (1988) is a composer, musician, engineer and producer from the Netherlands. He is a totally dedicated to music and sound in general, and as a musician he plays drums, percussion, keys, synths and guitars. Also he developed a custom MAX/MSP middleware audio solution for commercial flight simulation. This got him into interacive audio and coded music.

He studied music production, composing and engineering which got him a Bachelor of Art and Technology (2011, hns). His further studies into music in education got him the skills to arrange, and conduct for orchestra and choir. Bachelor of music in Education (2014, hns)

He is home in writing and producing an extremely wide field of genres. Music should do something with the listener and evoke a reaction or connection. Some pieces want to be arranged for orchestra, and others require a full band, or just a single instrument. As he likes actual musicians, most instruments are played live, rather than sampled. Of course an actual orchestra can be a bit too much, so sample libraries come in handy.

In his private music production facilities he can write and produce music from idea to a finished musical work, and make it sound great too. When he’s not working on material of his own, often the studio is used to produce albums for a small number of great artists.

Real magic can happen when art meets technology, and Maarten likes to explore those boundaries.


Richard Poher

Richard is passionate about music at a very young age and obtains his degrees in jazz and classical piano at the Conservatory of Chambéry. He continues his jazz studies at the « Didier Lockwood Music Center » and the classical one at the "Ecole Normale Cortot" in Paris.

On his way, he meets and works piano with, among others, the following musicians: Bojan Z, Julien Loureau, Karim Ziad, Moctar Samba, Pierre Drevet, Carlo Rizzo, Sebastien Quezada, Baptiste Trotignon, Denis Badaud, Dainouri Choque, Witold Wilczek, Benoît Sourisse, Claude Egeat, Dimitri Naiditch, Alfio Origlio, Manuel Rocheman, Emmanuel Bex, Pierre de Bethmann ... ..

He also studied didgeridoo among the greatest: Philip Perris, Ondrey Smeykal, Zalem. Lovers of the wood, he builds his own didgeridoos.

While performing in jazz clubs and festivals, he writes many compositions, jazz, classical, for films, electro…a style can not be a barrier.The next project is about myths and legends what will be orchestrated with a symphonic orchestra and didgeridoos.


Sander van Zanten

Fascinated with video games since he was young, the lush and vibrant music of the Warcraft and Fable series captivated and compelled Sander van Zanten to dedicate himself to music composition in late 2013. Next to piano and guitars, Van Zanten uses a wide array of synthesizers and orchestral instruments to construct flowing textures of music that draw the listener into the game’s or film’s world.

Van Zanten’s styles include classical, symphonic and impressionist music, as well as sci-fi, industrial, ambient and synthesized music, influenced by the likes of Russell Brower, Jeremy Soule, Hans Zimmer, Brian Eno, Glenn Stafford and others. He has written for both linear and interactive media and is currently involved with KeokeN Interactive’s atmospheric science-fiction game Deliver Us The Moon.


Kenji Kaneko

Kenjis style is very varied but always with that unique Japanese style and feel. He has created scores for a huge number of highly succesful games for Idea Factory.


Tom Pearce

Tom is not only one of the founders of Flip Entertainment, he is also an established composer with many years experience. His work includes successful stock music production and composition for E.M.I. Music House as well as compositions for the cartoon show Juke Canard and numerous other scores.

His work ranges from serious dramatic scores for the BBC (Human rights, Human Wrongs) and the Stop AIDS Now campaign to scoring for TV shows in the Netherlands (IT's Business) and a number of promotional videos for DAF, Oxfam NOVIB and many more.

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