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Simon Usiskin makes an impact at DevCom

Flip Managing Director Simon Usiskin made a big impact with his presentation at DevCom. The topic was how to bring the music and game industries closer together and to work to be mutually beneficial. If you missed it and want to know more, drop us line!


Simon speaking at Gamescom

Flip Entertainments Managing Director Simon Usiskin will be a keynote speaker at this years Devcom / Gamescom.

Click here to connect with him to request a meeting


Exclusive partnership with Dynamdeion

Dynamedion and FLIP Entertainment in new exclusive partnership to create the leading full-service music provider for the game industry.

Read the full press release here.


Everspace Volume 2 is released!

 FLIP is proud to announce the release of volume 2 ofthe stunning music from Everspace game by RockFish. Check it out on all major digital platforms


Cannes Lions

As FLIP Entertainment is active in both the music and gaming industries, our team tries to go and attend both music and gaming events around the globe to keep a close dialogue with both industries and, of course, spread the word about the music and gaming gap that we bridge.

This time around, FLIP’s Mehdi Benkirane will be attending Cannes Lions this week to catch up with awesome sync agencies, lifestyle brands, and music publishers from all around the globe. It is Mehdi’s first Cannes Lions so we wish him the best of luck with the week long madness though we’re not that sympathetic as unlike the rest of us, he’ll get to use his summer wardrobe.


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